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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE 1.20 » Minecraft PE - Mace, Breeze Rod and Heavy Core

Minecraft PE - Mace, Breeze Rod and Heavy Core

It's been a while since we've seen new terrifying weapons in Minecraft, and here it is. Version features a set of new items included in the upcoming Minecraft PE 1.21 and already available as a beta. So what does the update bring and why should you install it? (or activate if already updated)


A recently announced item that poses a real threat if you know how to use it. This is a truly formidable weapon that only deals maximum damage when you land from a great height.

How does the mace work in Minecraft Bedrock?

Its maximum damage comes from falling. Take one and jump down on your enemies. Before landing, hit the enemy (this is not so easy the first time) and it will receive extra damage but you will remain unharmed.

Heavy Core and Breeze Rod:

Two new items included in Minecraft Both are for now only intended for a few recipes. See the full Minecraft 1.21 article showing all the craftings.

Armor Trims, Banner Patterns and Pottery Sherds:

Following the points in the changelog, pay attention to the appearance of new patterns in the game. Some drop from trial chamber vaults.

Other changes:

Among other things, changes trial chambers with new variations and also works on what shapes it. Vaults are now generated more frequently and have more customized loot including new items.

Also worth noting is the Sky Reflections technology or feature related to graphical changes. It differs in the display of the sky on the surfaces of the blocks, taking into account the material of the block.

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