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Download Minecraft PE Beta

The series of 1.20 betas continues and today we received the, which actually belongs to the Minecraft PE 1.21 update. Already we have a new structure, mob and several new items that can be tested by you after completing the update to beta. So let's take a look at the main features of

What's new?

The Breeze

Meet the new mob that attacks with wind charges. This is something new, no bites, no arrows, the breeze creates gusts of wind that cause damage. When going into the trial chambers, know that it is also inhabited by these strange creatures.

Download Minecraft PE Beta
Download Minecraft PE Beta

Trial Chambers

Trial chambers were added as a new underground structure. By exploring them you will find different loot (not final, in the process of setting up) as well as groups of enemies, divided by danger categories.

Minecraft PE Beta
Minecraft PE Beta

Trial Spawner

And the last important detail of the Minecraft PE update is a new type of spawner. While in trial chambers, you will definitely come across one that spawns mobs depending on the number of players nearby.


All Beta changes are listed in the full article - Minecraft PE 1.20.

Download Minecraft PE 1.21 Changelog


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