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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE 0.11.0 » How to write colorful letters in Minecraft PE 0.11

How to write colorful letters in Minecraft PE 0.11

Guide for writing in the chat colored letters. To do this you need a new MCPE 0.11, and qwerty keyboard.

You must enter the paragraph symbol (§), then - for him the code style or color, example, «§9 This is blue text."

How to enter that character?
We need to find the key «¶» on a standard keyboard is google - section symbols. Then press and hold this button, and select the symbol «§».

And on the screen should appear invisible symbol «§». The next letter or number is also not to be displayed. And after that, you can enter your message.

Full list of codes for MCPE 0.11.0:


§0 Black
§1 Dark Blue
§2 Dark Green
§3 Dark sea wave
§4 Burgundy
§5 Dark Purple
§6 Gold
§7 Grey
§8 Dark gray
§9 Blue
§a Green
§b Sea wave
§c Red
§d Light purple
§e Yellow
§f White
§l Bold
§o Cursive


Hubplayhubp (27 July 2016 01:59)
Group: Guest
It works for me,
Use iPad mini
It works a lot

It works it really works use iPad mini or iOS
Carmen (25 July 2015 17:53)
Group: Guest
This mod has hacked me.......,Someone tell me how to Fix plz
Miley (17 July 2015 02:19)
Group: Guest

How do I do it on Apple?
Marina (4 July 2015 17:45)
Group: Guest
The tutorial was very helpful thx so much

I am so thankful the tutorial was very helpful I loved it thank u so
much I will be sure to share this with my friends when they
come over again

It was awesome and very useful
BlackThePrep (29 May 2015 21:05)
Thanks, pretty useful tutorial.

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