» » Saw Horror Map for MCPE 0.10.5

Saw Horror Map for MCPE 0.10.5

This map was created by the popular movie horror "Saw" .You have to go through the difficult task to survive ...

The plot of the first part:
You have to become a drug addict named Johnny. You become indifferent to your fate and you are very dependent on drugs. But Saw fix it.
The plot of the second part:
You're playing for Jack. I sincerely sympathize with you, as you will have a lot to experience for yourself, and of course suffer. And pray that you survived after these tests.

Download Karta-Pila-2-chasti-.rar


migael (16 December 2015 18:09)
Group: Guest
It's cool
Oliver (15 December 2015 03:38)
Group: Guest
I like this yeah
Adam Noor (12 September 2015 14:33)
Group: Guest
This will not download

This is Junk

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