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10 Flat Worlds Map for Minecraft PE

What to do when you need a flat world formed from a certain type of blocks in Minecraft PE? Perhaps you need a world whose base consists of lava or sand for building a sand castle. If you are looking for infinite worlds generated only from the block that you need (at the moment there are only 10 of them), then you should download the finished maps and select the desired one.

10 Flat Worlds Map for Minecraft PE

Infinite worlds:

Quartz block
Coarse dirt
Purpur block
Wool light gray
Stone bricks

Practically all the worlds consist of several layers: the base one first, then the additional ones, mainly of one or two blocks in height. Use the worlds for anything from building large-scale structures to designing mini games for servers. But remember that infinite worlds are the same in all parts, that is, you can run for an infinitely long time and will not find anything but emptiness.

The maps also support Minecraft Bedrock and all its features. Play using any options or modes.

Download 10 Flat Worlds Map for Minecraft PE 1.11


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