» » Zombie Extreme map (MCPE 1.1+)

Zombie Extreme map (MCPE 1.1+)

Take weapons in hand and go hunting for zombies on this map. Here you will be in role of a military along with other soldiers. Your common task is to destroy the zombies approaching you very quickly. Zombies are very dangerous especially for soldiers since a few bites can turn a fighter into an infected one and then he will become another zombie.

By: TheEnderface - Dicky

Zombie Extreme map (MCPE 1.1+)


New weapons - submachine gun
Friendly soldiers - attack zombies
Arenas for training shooting skills
Added traces of blood

Zombie Extreme map (MCPE 1.1+)
Zombie Extreme map (MCPE 1.1+)

Take the weapon and go to the first place where you learn to shoot properly and get comfortable. Zombies are always attacked and only bullets can stop them, so do not stop shooting and defend your squad otherwise you will all turn into dead.

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CatboyMC (19 June 2019 02:25)
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Chào mình là catboyMC
Winter White- MC Gamer (26 July 2018 20:59)
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Tuy?t v?i!! Mong sau n?y s? c? nhi?u ph?n h?n n?a <3

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