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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Prison Break map (Minecraft PE 1.1.1)

Prison Break map (Minecraft PE 1.1.1)

This map is a miniature prison where there are special rules and the daily routine. The Prison Break map requires a team of players (the more the better) who must choose the role for life in prison. A similar mode exists in many games and the main goal of the game is the simulation of ordinary weekdays of prisoners.

Prison Break map (Minecraft PE 1.1.1)
Prison Break map (Minecraft PE 1.1.1)

There are two classes: the jailers guard the order and control the prisoners, and the prisoners look for different ways to escape from the prison. Playing time is not limited, so players will need patience to achieve their goal.

Prison Break map (Minecraft PE 1.1.1)
Prison Break map (Minecraft PE 1.1.1)

The jailers must fully imitate prison everyday life and conduct activities. Walking, daily counting of prisoners, eating and other routine, and prisoners at this time can come up with a plan for escape using improvised objects. It is forbidden to dig trenches and mines, and also use hacks.

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