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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » City of Newisle for MCPE 1.1.0.+

City of Newisle for MCPE 1.1.0.+

City of Newisle is huge and amazes you with its scale, it is one of the largest cities existing in Minecraft PE. Here is a ported version of the city, which contains many areas, buildings and interiors. The creator spent more than 6 years to build it and eventually it turned out a wonderful city.

Original: City of Newisle
Ported by Blip Noir

City of Newisle features:

More than 500 ready-made buildings, inside of which you will find beautiful and unique interiors.
A huge network of roads connecting parts of the city together. A railway passes through the city.
A unique navigation system, each street has a name and you can easily find a house if you want to become a postman.
Absolutely different styles of buildings. There are historical buildings, modern houses, skyscrapers and miniature living quarters.

City of Newisle for MCPE 1.1.0.+
City of Newisle for MCPE 1.1.0.+
City of Newisle for MCPE 1.1.0.+

The City of Newisle has very dense buildings, the houses are very close and you will get the impression that the buildings are built on each other. Lags are possible, so reduce the number of chunks.

Download City of Newisle for MCPE 1.1.0.+


DelTaco24 (13 January 2022 01:02)
Group: Guest
Yeah it didn’t work for me either, but lose the emojis dude. Oh wait… that was my comment…
DelTaco24 (1 March 2019 14:55)
Group: Guest
You lied it doesn’t work for POCKET not bedrock edition

I tried plug toolbox but when it clicked on the world it just crashes 🚗💥🚙
O (12 December 2018 13:33)
Group: Guest
Mil respetos para ti gran hombre
Yap kim poh (26 April 2018 03:25)
Group: Guest
jason (7 September 2017 00:10)
Group: Guest
Stella (28 July 2017 17:38)
Group: Guest
So cool
kazuto (23 July 2017 16:48)
Group: Guest
how download
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