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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » 4 Pillar Survival PE map

4 Pillar Survival PE map

This is not an ordinary sky block for MCPE where all resources are under you. On this map you are surrounded by four pillars, within which you will find villagers. If you know how to trade well, these people can provide you with very rare things that can not be found on the island. 4 Pillar Survival will test your capabilities and your logic, as it is very difficult to survive in such a limited place. Each pillar consists of certain blocks that do not exist elsewhere. Think about it several times before doing anything.

4 Pillar Survival PE map

Blocks are limited, and do not forget about the hunger slowly killing you. You are spawned on an island with a chest where you can take the essentials. Build the bridges to the pillars and you will see the villagers, each pillar includes many rare blocks that can be used for construction. In general, if you're looking for hardcore survival alone then the 4 Pillar Survival PE map is for you.

4 Pillar Survival PE map
4 Pillar Survival PE map

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