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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Skyblock Challenge (Minecraft PE 1.0.5)

Skyblock Challenge (Minecraft PE 1.0.5)

You will have at your disposal a very small island on which you can find very few resources. It is very difficult to properly dispose of resources in your situation, so you should think about the actions before doing anything. On the first island there is a modest shack, in this place you are spawned. Carefully explore the entire territory and imagine what you will do in advance.

Skyblock Challenge (Minecraft PE 1.0.5)

Survival is not the only goal on this map. You need to get to the other islands, the main of which is a diamond one. Having reached it you will get the resources you need so that you can build your fantasies. Prepare for the fact that you will not have any options to build a bridge if you spend blocks on any nonsense.

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