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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » State of Democratia map for Minecraft PE 1.1+

State of Democratia map for Minecraft PE 1.1+

If you are looking for a completed large city then the State of Democratia is ideal for this. The city consists of many components: residential buildings, road network, entertainment places, bridges and all of this decorated with vegetation. The State of Democratia map is ideally adapted for testing mods such as Mine-Car mod that allows you to to travel using a smaller vehicle.
Creator: PeacelandGov

4.20 UPD

Northtown includes:

1) Peaceland Central Bank Corporation HQ
2) Emerald Bank Tower
3) Democratia Stock Exchange Building
4) Oceanwalk Underground City
5) NXUS Embassy
6) Avrin Country Embassy
7) Northtown Skytrain Station

Central includes:

1) Democratia Government Complex
2) Democratia Central Library
3) Egaland Embassy
4) Downtown Park
5) Democratia Police Department HQ

Cubeia includes:

1) Cubus Hotel International
2) Miao Industries Regional HQ
3) Cubeia Skytrain Station and Park

Peak includes:

1) International Alliance of Minecraft Nations Peaceland
2) 2 World Trade Center and Peak Hotel

State of Democratia map for Minecraft PE 1.1+

The map was created a long time ago and this update includes a lot of different changes. Currently, you can stroll through three different cities: The City of Democratia, The City of Hollywoodenplank, The City of Queensland. Each city has its own unique style, we advise you to visit the City of Democratia in the first place. This city is the capital and contains almost all the attributes of a modern city.

State of Democratia map for Minecraft PE 1.1+

The City of Hollywoodenplank is a provider of various products and tools, here you will find agricultural fields, houses and so on. Last city is similar to the first where you can also visit hospitals, colorful houses, railway stations and so on.

State of Democratia map for Minecraft PE 1.1+
State of Democratia map for Minecraft PE 1.1+
State of Democratia map for Minecraft PE 1.1+
State of Democratia map for Minecraft PE 1.1+

Download State of Democratia map for Minecraft PE 0.16.1
Download State of Democratia map v4.20 for Minecraft PE 1.1+


El puto (20 September 2021 10:53)
Group: Guest
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Peaceland Gov (21 December 2016 07:43)
Group: Guest
Hello this is the creator NickMiao0928 speaking.

Please credit myself and/or the Republic of Peaceland for the making of this map. Ive spent nearly 3 years on it so please. Show some respect to creators by giving credit.
Trevor Canfor-Dumas (23 November 2016 08:15)
Group: Guest
This Map looks dope

This map looks legit


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