» » Automated Elevator map for MCPE 0.12.X

Automated Elevator map for MCPE 0.12.X

Did you always want easily reach from top floor onto the lower in a building without waste of time? Redstone is a great solution of this problem. After using it, you can create a lot of fun mechanisms. On this map, you can test the fully working elevator.

Automated Elevator map for MCPE 0.12.X
Automated Elevator map for MCPE 0.12.X

You must stand up on the block (the red circle in the screenshot). Then turn around and push the button.

Download Elvator_By_RiveraE.zip


imam (1 November 2015 06:21)
Group: Guest
Record how to make that elevator please
Hendri (23 October 2015 01:22)
Group: Guest
Record that elevator...that elevator is good..record please
Hendri (23 October 2015 01:21)
Group: Guest
Hei..I dont understand how to build your elevator...Please record how to build elevator use mod redstone...i use android
Bernard (22 October 2015 08:38)
Quote: Hendri
Automated Elevator

Version 2
Hendri (22 October 2015 06:40)
Group: Guest
Hei ..Please upload video how you make elevator that

Please Upload video how to you make an elevator..i want to follow make elevator

I use minecraft pocket edition..i use mod redstone..please upload your video how to make elevator use redstone mod in minecraft pocket edition

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