» » Toolbox Hacks (Prem) for Minecraft BE 1.16.200+

Toolbox Hacks (Prem) for Minecraft BE 1.16.200+

No time limits, use any cheats you would like to activate and it all works on version 1.16.40 of Minecraft PE. The basic edition of the app offers only a limited premium, but if you urgently need aimbot or any other option not available in the basic version, then install this mod.

Changelog 12.13:

- Added v5.4.13 Premium for MCPE 1.16.200

All cheats in one menu:

Toolbox is considered to be one of the best and most convenient hack applications prohibited in multiplayer! Any of the presented cheat options are prohibited on the servers, please keep this in mind before joining a multiplayer game. But those who have been using hacks for a long time while playing Minecraft know about the possible consequences of being banned.

Which cheats are now available?

The premium is not that different from the free version of Toolbox, although there are some pretty serious options that you cannot activate without a premium. For example, auto-bridges or looting, aim settings and much more, plus advertising and so on.

Toolbox Hacks (Prem) for Minecraft BE 1.16.40
Toolbox Hacks (Prem) for Minecraft BE 1.16.40
Toolbox Hacks (Prem) for Minecraft BE 1.16.40

How do I activate Premium in Toolbox?

For Minecraft Bedrock Edition, there are two options for getting premium in Toolbox. The first one is the simplest: just open the premium tab and turn it on. The disadvantage is that it is limited in time and after a while you will return to the basic version.

The second way is version 5.4.9 (penultimate) with the mod included inside. This modification makes it possible to activate premium and enjoy all the benefits including cheats.

Download Toolbox (Free) for Minecraft PE 1.16.X
Download Toolbox (Premium) for Minecraft PE 1.16.2/1.16.4
Download Toolbox (Premium) for Minecraft PE 1.16.200


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