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For-Minecraft.com » Cheats for Minecraft Pocket Edition » CAT CHEAT V3.7 (Minecraft PE 1.0.X)

CAT CHEAT V3.7 (Minecraft PE 1.0.X)

I want to present you a completely new hack for PVP. The CAT CHEAT works together with Toolbox only, You will not be able to use it with BlockLauncher! There are many useful functions that will certainly help you win on HG, SW, SG, etc. The Cat cheat panel is divided into 3 tabs: Combat, Movement and Player. Each tab contains functions that will make you a god in any fight.

Combat section contains functions such as:
- AimBot
- Bow AimBot

Movement section:
- Long Jump
- Glide
- Step (Allows to jump to 2 blocks in height)
- Bhop (It can be used as a speed hack, every second jump is long)
- Teleport
- Glide Boost

Player section:
- Flight
- Tower (Allows you to climb high walls)
- Scraffold (Allows you to quickly build a bridge. If you put one block then you will be pushed to 1 block forward)
- Without Falling (If you fell, then you will return back to the point)
- Autodisconnect (If you have 0.5 hearts left, you will be automatically disconnected from server)
- Creative

CAT CHEAT V3.7 (Minecraft PE 1.0.X)
CAT CHEAT V3.7 (Minecraft PE 1.0.X)

Hack works on almost every server and has been tested for a long time. CAT CHEAT supports all versions of Minecraft PE including 1.0.6.

Download CAT CHEAT V3.7 (Minecraft PE 1.0.X)


Elia (25 November 2017 14:32)
Group: Guest
Nice ?
Why. (16 September 2017 17:06)
Group: Guest
How does one install it
Trent (11 May 2017 14:39)
Group: Guest
how do i install this
Kpopfan (1 May 2017 01:48)
Group: Guest
HOW TO INSTALL?????????????
joe cat (15 April 2017 03:06)
Group: Guest
I love cats meow meow
Filip (10 April 2017 08:49)
Group: Guest

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