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For-Minecraft.com » Texture for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Realistic Rain Pack for Minecraft PE 1.20+

Realistic Rain Pack for Minecraft PE 1.20+

Would you like to make rain in Minecraft PE more realistic without affecting other effects at all? Then here is a ready-made creation in the form of a small texture pack, designed specifically for one single purpose. It does not affect anything other than rain, transforming blue stripes falling from the sky into real rain.

By: Mod MCPE

What are the changes?

Rain, as one of the phenomena in Minecraft BE, is an imitation of real rain but with some stylistic features. Falling raindrops have an elongated blue shape, leaving short-lived particles when they touch the ground.

What does the rain look like now?

In Realistic Rain Pack, rain is implemented in a similar way, except for the following: falling drops do not create a splashing effect. It looks like a third party shader is being used. Also, raindrops are now gray with transparency.

Realistic Rain Pack for Minecraft PE 1.20
During a rainstorm, you will notice how much these changes affect the overall picture. And additional rain sounds, replacing vanilla ones, will create the effect as if the rain is actually falling right next to you.

Realistic Rain Pack

How to install the Realistic Rain Pack?

1. Download the pack and open it using Minecraft PE.
2. Go to the game settings and activate the pack.

Download Realistic Rain Pack for Minecraft PE 1.20


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