» » BLPE Shaders v5.0 (MCPE 1.2.10)

BLPE Shaders v5.0 (MCPE 1.2.10)

This shader pack is not something global, it just changes colors, weather, and some other elements of the game. At first glance, the BLPE Shaders is really a modest addition, but after installation you will see a completely different world. Everything around you will become more realistic and alive, your mood will improve thanks to a very beautiful nature, amazing sky and smooth game.
Creator: MaxyPe1
BLPE v5.0:
Serious work was done on the shadows.
No wind yet.
Works great on MCPE / MCBE 1.2.10.
BLPE v4.9:
Standard version.
Updated for Minecraft PE (MCBE) 1.2.X (including 1.2.6).
BLPE v2:
The color of water has been changed, now the water bodies look more natural.
The fog is reduced due to which there are fewer lags.
The sky is improved and looks better in the daytime.
Movements are disabled.
Certain night changes: the night sky and shadows are improved.
Do not forget to set the brightness to 50% to fully feel these shaders.

BLPE Shaders v5.0 (MCPE 1.2.10)
BLPE Shaders v5.0 (MCPE 1.2.10)

There are shadows, lava and fire that emit a very bright light. Unfortunately there is no wind, so the leaves and grass do not sway.

BLPE Shaders v5.0 (MCPE 1.2.10)
BLPE Shaders v5.0 (MCPE 1.2.10)

We can assume that the main feature of the BLPE Shaders is a relatively low load compared to other MCPE shaders, so almost any smartphone or tablet supports this pack. Some lags are possible due to waves (although it is difficult to call them waves).

BLPE Shaders v5.0 (MCPE 1.2.10)
BLPE Shaders v5.0 (MCPE 1.2.10)
BLPE Shaders v5.0 (MCPE 1.2.10)

Download BLPE Shaders (MCPE
Download BLPE Shaders v2 (1.2.X)
Download BLPE Shaders v4.9 (1.2.X)
Download BLPE Shaders v5.0 (1.2.10)


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SARAH (18 May 2017 07:45)
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James Wilson (14 May 2017 07:18)
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Wow it looks like the story mode's shaders. :-)

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