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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Adventure Craft​ Mod for Minecraft PE [IC]

Adventure Craft​ Mod for Minecraft PE [IC]

AdventureCraft on InnerCore is a mix of completely different items, including new weapons, staves, tools, backpacks and more. This is done to expand the player's abilities while surviving.

By: Piligrim4ik

This is a combined mod containing an additional adventure addon for MCPE 1.16. To enjoy all the features of the mod, enable experimental features for the world in which you play. Remember that some staves require you to hold spellbooks in offhand to work.

Adventure Craft​ Mod for Minecraft PE

Adventure Craft Stuff:

1. Wood Paxel
2. Stone Paxel
3. Iron Paxel
4. Diamond Paxel
5. Gold Paxel
6. Wood Hammer
7. Stone Hammer
8. Iron Hammer
9. Gold Hammer
10. Diamond Hammer
11. Wood Battle Axe
12. Stone Battle Axe
13. Iron Battle Axe
14. Diamond Battle Axe
15. Gold Battle Axe
16. Leather Backpack
17. Iron Backpack
18. Golden Backpack
19. Diamond Backpack
20. Wood Heavy Sword
21. Stone Heavy Sword
22. Iron Heavy Sword
23. Diamond Heavy Sword
24. Gold Heavy Sword
25. Wood Katana
26. Stone Katana
27. Iron Katana
28. Diamond Katana
29. Gold Katana
30. Obsidian Helmet
31. Obsidian Chestplate
32. Obsidian Leggings
33. Obsidian Boots
34. Emerald Helmet
35. Emerald Chestplate
36. Emerald Leggings
37. Emerald Boots


Alchemical dust
Alchemical runa
Alchemical table

Runa of fire resistance
Runa of invisible
Runa of leaping
Runa of night vision
Runa of regeneration
Runa of slow falling
Runa of strength 
Runa of speed
Runa of water breathing

Small med-kit
Big med-kit
Syringe with adrenaline
Fire spell book
Poison spell book
Wither spell book
lightning spell book
Slow spell book
Explosion spell book
Teleportation spell book
Levitation spell book

Staff of the Apprentice
Wizard Staff
Staff of the Archmage

Wooden staff
Stone staff
Golden staff
Iron staff
Diamond staff
Netherite staff

Wooden spear 4-8 dmg
Stone spear 5-9 dmg
Iron spear 6-10 dmg
Golden spear 7-11 dmg
Diamond spear 8-12 dmg
Netherite spear 9-13 dmg

How to install the AdventureCraft Mod ?

1. Download and install Inner Core.
2. Open the file using IC.

Download Adventure Craft​ Mod for Minecraft PE


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