» » Colored Leads addon (MCPE 1.1)

Colored Leads addon (MCPE 1.1)

At the moment, Minecraft has a lot of different colors with which you can change the color of some items such as beds. What do you say if you get the ability to change the color of the leash? Unfortunately, this addon only replaces the standard textures, but if you want to update the leash and decorate it in your favorite color, then just edit several files (see below).

Creator: ZachMC

Colored Leads addon (MCPE 1.1)

How to change the leash?

You will need a graphics editor and 3 files that are in the archive.
Open the following files (lead_knot.png, lead_rope.png, lead.png) and create your leash.

Download Colored Leads addon (MCPE 1.1)


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