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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » GunCraft Zombie Edition for MCPE 0.14.X

GunCraft Zombie Edition for MCPE 0.14.X

GunCraft mod Zombie Edition is a cool modification that adds a lot of guns, with which you will be able to fight with the zombies in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition! You will have quite a lot of advantages, we now describe all the features and effects.

v7.2.0 (Weapons update)
- Improved Gun system (version-?)
- Smoke particles to assault Rifles (version- 7.2.0)
- New weapons Will be added to Magicbox an wall buys
- New super gun (version-7.2.0)
- Map pack 7.5.0 or higher

GunCraft Zombie Edition for MCPE 0.14.X


  • Jugernogg
  • Fast getting of items
  • Double-clicking
  • Increase endurance
  • Maps for the battles

You can install the map for mod (located in the archive).

GunCraft Zombie Edition installing:

1- open BL= manage Mod scripts= import mod
Folder = Downloads= GunCraft Zombie Edition/ GunCraft ZE v7.1.0.js

Installing Textures
1- open BL
2-Texture Pack
3- Downloads folder
4- open GunCraft Zombie Edition folder an select GcZe v7.1.0 textures.zip

installing Gun sounds
1-open a file manager
2-Go to download folder
3-open GunCraft Zombie Edition folder
4-copy minecraftResource folder
5 paste folder in games/com.mojang

In-game commands
-/start this command starts the game you can use it when in creative an when repawning;
-/status this command is only used while in creative to show your kills an points.

Download GunCraft Zombie Edition for MCPE 0.14.X


Kevin Vargas (20 July 2016 08:59)
Group: Guest
Do you have a parkour mod for minecraft pe

Do you have a parkour mod
Kanen (29 May 2016 17:21)
Group: Guest
Wow how do you download it I mean like I can not do it
Afra (27 May 2016 21:29)
Group: Guest
Put tanks and cars and motorcycles and helicopters and boats
Silvan (27 May 2016 00:07)
Group: Guest
Wie geht das
Kamil (18 May 2016 11:17)
Group: Guest
James (15 May 2016 20:56)
Group: Guest
I like mc mods
Drew (14 May 2016 13:57)
Group: Guest
I can't install it!?????????????
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