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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE 0.14.0 » MCPE 0.14 changes and an approximate release date!

MCPE 0.14 changes and an approximate release date!

Today, developers showed some secrets of the next update - Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14 using tweets and recently passed stream! :)

Tommaso has shared screenshot, which depicts a slime block. If the player steps on this block, it will jump up and at the same the player does not receive damage during a fall. And also this slime block can interact with the pistons, clinging to his other blocks.

MCPE 0.14 changes and an approximate release date!

But most importantly - it has become known approximate release date of 0.14 with the pistons, a witch and a lot of unknown things at the moment! Daniel Wustenhoff said that he will be in Asuncion (capital of Paraguay) during Christmas. And as soon as he comes back, it will be engaged in the development! In the meantime, Tommaso will do repeaters and comparators.

So Minecraft PE 0.14 is expected in January! ;)


vitor (24 December 2015 09:33)
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Cd o dowland
Kanam (23 December 2015 01:52)
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craft lovers (22 December 2015 22:31)
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keren,ada piston
fadliancarvi (21 December 2015 15:58)
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Kapan lagi nih minecraft v0.14.0
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