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Minecraft PE Build 1 screenshot

The main developer of Minecraft PC-version has pleased eager Pocket Edition fans, which are very, very expect a new version!

Minecraft PE Build 1 screenshot

You can see the following in the screenshot: Jeb's character has inserted map in the picture. This means that players will be able to create entire paintings from terrain maps on the walls own houses.

We are waiting for the new version probably today or this week! ;)


darlin (18 April 2016 17:52)
Group: Guest
fogus (22 March 2016 23:08)
Group: Guest
I love minecraft
Yeohliimm (5 March 2016 06:27)
Group: Guest
Maybe it wort
rafael (21 February 2016 13:40)
Group: Guest

zack (18 February 2016 06:21)
Group: Guest
How it's work???
Daniela (3 February 2016 05:39)
Group: Guest
There game is veri coll
krzysi (1 February 2016 15:09)
Group: Guest
Chce to
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