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Download Minecraft Bedrock

This is a very strange update when you consider the fact that Minecraft 1.16 on Java gets huge Nether changes. But anyway, this is only the first version, which has for the most part parity than innovations. The expected Nether update may roll out very soon as soon as the developers finish one or more snapshots.

Minecraft PE - What's New?

All changes included in the update are in the main post - Minecraft PE 1.15. If we talk only about significant changes, the current version brought important parity features, among which there are the ability to pull a flower from a pot, curse of binding, fallen objects look like a 3D model and rotation effect, generation changes and some corrections for addon makers.

Download Minecraft Bedrock
Download Minecraft Bedrock

Where is Nether Update?

It will appear in future versions of MCPE 1.15 or become part of Minecraft PE 1.16 which is more likely. Like Java, we get hoglins, new nether biomes, netherite and many other blocks generated only in the nether.

Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft Bedrock
Download Minecraft Bedrock (Android)


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