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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Boost Elytra map for MCPE 1.1+

Boost Elytra map for MCPE 1.1+

This creation, like other elytra maps, is a challenge for testing your physical abilities. To put it more precisely, such maps were created specifically to identify the best between several players. All participants need to concentrate and deftly fly through the rings here.

If this is one of your first flights, then be patient because it is very difficult to correctly learn how to use the elytra wings. The map creator has complicated the task of adding rockets and a timer with the remaining time, which will inevitably kill you if you do not have time to cross the finish line before the end time.

Boost Elytra map for MCPE 1.1+

Rockets are the content included in Minecraft PE 1.2 accelerating the flight with the wings on. They resemble nitrous oxide in cars and give you a strong boost. They can be used on straight sections of the track to get ahead of other participants in the race.

In the end, Boost Elytra will give pleasure to all those who decided to compete using such sophisticated in control items as rockets with elytra wings.

Download Boost Elytra map for MCPE 1.1+


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