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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Apocalypse Manatory map v2 for Minecraft PE 1.1

Apocalypse Manatory map v2 for Minecraft PE 1.1

Apocalypse Manatory is a large map for MCPE where you will find the two cities with provincial highways, tunnels, bunkers. There are elements of parkour but use the brain if you do not like to jump. You can also complete quests (we need to find a Manatory artifact and restore humanity).
Changes in v2:

Fixed signs.
The new subway.
The big city was enlarged and now it occupies much more area. 
Changed roads.
Details and tips.
An ancient ruined street under the earth and a temple of immortality.

Download Apocalypse Manatory map v1 for Minecraft PE
Download Apocalypse Manatory map v2 for Minecraft PE


Chibicator (6 March 2021 18:03)
Group: Guest
Very cool! i'm satisfied by this map, though i don't understand Russian, but it still a nice map, i love every whole part of this map, sadly your map underrated, i love subway and tunnel because it so creepy, would download again, greetings 2021 UK

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