» » IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0

IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0

IndustrialCraft PE is a global mod for MCPE which is a very accurate IndustrialCraft copy for the PC. It contains the basic mechanisms, generators, and energy.


1. Texture, interface and mechanisms are made exactly as in the IC2 classic;
2. Compatibility with all other Core Engine mods including Thaumcraft PE.
3. This is a beta version. It contains a relatively small content and may be present errors.
The mod will quickly develop, as well as represents the project with open API for add-ons. Link to github: https://github.com/zheka2304/industrial_core/.
Development news:
All of this will be added in the next version, please be patient.
- Fixed saving energy during crafting.
- Crafting recipes of a solar panel, geothermal generator, induction furnace are very similar to the MCPC.
- Fixed a recipe of the extractor, now you can not use previously used treetaps for it.
- Fixed inability to charge an elec-treetap.
- Correct display of electrical things in creative.

IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0

IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0

IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0

v1.10 (dev stage):
We're working on a teleporter. You may have a question: what does it do in the mine update? So, it's needed for crafting an improved drilling rig. Since this is the most simple update mechanism, I decide to start with it. To connect teleporters you need a frequency binder. Teleportation occurs when sending redstone signal, the energy is taken from a nearby storage.
Added iridium ore. It's very rare, the ore block is generated with a probability of 20% in the chunk at a height of 1 to 100 blocks. You''ll need a tool like a diamond pick or better for mining.
Now experience drops from uranium ore.
Requires an improved electrical circuit instead of the usual one for a lazurotron crystal.

IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0

Added a fiberglass wire, as well as a different thickness of wires. It is no different from the others, because there is no mechanic voltage so there is no resistance at all. However, these wires are only needed for crafting.
Geothermal generator now stores 8 buckets of lava, not 16 as before.
Fixed bugs during the transfer of energy.

This is the latest update in version 1.09.

IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0



Now the energyLib library is used, the energy distribution is much more optimized and there is the possibility of interacting with other mods.
The Tool types library has been updated.
(Bug fixes): Tools of the same type have the same properties.
Electric wrench is now discharged after crafting.


Quantum pants now increase speed when running. Previously used button is removed.
Buttons are reduced and can not be closed due to a bug when closing the armor buttons. In this way they will always be open and do not interfere.
Fixed the strength of the quantum and nano armor.
Electric saw now extracts foliage and wool.
When the Hevea wood breaks down, neighboring foliage falls down.

Tool Types library has been updated:
Fixed a drop of colored burnt clay, dispenser, cauldron, potions and funnel.
Fixed the speed of breaking some blocks with a sword.

1. Added composite armor from the Hi-techCraft add-on. It has a level of protection and strength almost the same as that of diamond armor.
2. Added reinforced blocks (stone and glass). They can withstand any explosion, even an explosion of a nuclear reactor when it is added. In addition, these blocks will be used in crafting recipes, in particular for crafting the quantum helmet.
3. Added a wrench and an electric wrench. Now you can take only a generator and an iron furnace with your hand or a pickaxe. The generator, iron furnace, engine or improved engine block falls out when all other mechanisms are broken, depending on the components of which the mechanism consists. You need to dismantle the mechanism with a wrench or an electric wrench to get it whole.
- Wrench. It has strength for 17 dismantling. There is a 20% chance that dismantling will fail and the mechanism will break.
- Electric wrench. Stores 10 000 Eu, spends 500 Eu for dismantling. Unlike a wrench, it can dismantle any mechanism without failures.
4. Fixed:
Protection of bronze armor. Strength is now 10% less than that of iron armor, similar to iron tools.
Fixed bug when the UpgradeAPI was not imported.
Logs of acacia and dark oak can not be burned in a furnace.
Unbreakable tools.


IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0

1. Added metalformer.
2. Improvements for mechanisms.

A metalworker is a mechanism for creating wires, plates and shells. The energy consumption is 10 Eu/t. The operation time is 10 sec. It has 3 modes: rolling, cutting and extrusion.

3. This Update will contain the following improvements: Accelerator, Red Stone Signal Inverter, Ejector, Loader" and Power Guard possibly. These improvements allow you to create compact systems of mechanisms and increase their speed by increasing energy consumption.
The accelerator reduces the operating time by 30% due to an increase in power consumption by 60%.
The ejector releases the result into next chest or mechanism.
The liquid ejector is not in use at this time.
The loader takes objects from a nearby chest or mechanism.

IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0

By default, the Ejector, Liquid Ejector and Loader improvements work with any possible side. To select one side for work, sneak and tap on the desired side of the mechanism. Repeated tapping on any block resets the settings.
4. Translation into Spanish and Chinese prepared by mc.maja.
5. Geothermal generator recipe has been fixed.
6. Solar panel recipe is simplified, since it gives little energy. Now the engine block is used instead of the generator which is more logical because it has nothing to do with it.
7. Now you can craft bronze dust and insulated wires in your hand.
8. Added new crafting recipes (see below).

IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0

1. Compatible with BuildCraft PE.
2. Jetpack is done and working.
3. Now it can fly, full charge is enough for 300 seconds.
4. New metal blocks.
5. Capsules.
6. Hydrogenerator changes: There are 2 modes of operation (hydroelectric power station (in rivers) and tidal power station (in oceans)).
The generator generates 2.5 Eu/t in rivers. Energy production depends on the tides and ebbs in oceans. Therefore 4 is the maximum number of peaks of generation as tides. It produces 0 - 3.25 Eu/t, but in the end you will get about the same energy as in rivers on average per day.
7. Optimization of ore generation, the ability to disable it in the config.
8. Now the quantum armor is discharged when using abilities and absorbs negative effects.
9. New iron furnace textures.
10. Mechanisms characteristics (power consumption, operating time, induction furnace operation algorithm) are changed as in the PC version.
11. Bug fixes.

IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0

v1.06 Release:
Some changes in the code as well as features:

1) Wind generator
Now the maximum energy production is 10 Eu/t (2 times more than the PC version) at an altitude of 160 blocks and above. It generates 1.5 times more energy during the rain and 5 times during a thunderstorm.

2) Hydrogenerator
The development is not over yet, but it will only work in rivers and oceans biomes. The hydrogenerator will work by using the water flow in the rivers, so during the rain the energy production will increase (due to the increase in the amount of water in the river). It will work using the flow of water during tides in the oceans, so the maximum generation will occur in the morning and evening.

3) The iron stove textures are now different from the texture of the generator. Now you will not mistake them.
4) Along with the release of the v1.06, the Hi-tech Faithful [32x] texture pack will be updated with textures of things from the latest updates.

IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0

v1.06 beta features:

1. Night vision glasses.
It stores 30 000 Eu and this is enough for one and a half hours of work. You will be blinded if glasses are turned on and you look at the sun. The night vision participates in the crafting of a nano-helmet, so both items have a night vision mode.
2. Jet pack.
Stores 30 000 Eu. It does not work yet. Needed for crafting a quantum chestplatebib.
3. The generation of Hevea has been changed:
- Reduced the probability of finding it, while now 1-5 trees are generated instead of 1-3.
- Hevea are no longer generated in cold biomes and dark forests, and can be found in the jungle more often than in swamps.
- Added the ability to disable generation of hevea in a certain type of biome (config). To do this, open the config.json file and replace true with false for the desired biome.

Fixes and improvements:
1. Fixed leaves and seedling of the hevea. 
2. Fixed shell crafting (one plate now produces two shells) and added the possibility of crafting in the compressor.
3. Fixed saving energy when crafting.
4. Crafting recipes of the solar panel, geothermal generator and induction furnace are similar to the PC version of the mod.
5. Fixed the extractor crafting recipe, now you can not use the used treetaps for it.
6. Fixed the inability to charge the electric treetaps.
7. The correct display of electrical things in the creative.
8. Now quantum armor absorbs negative effects.

IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0

v1.05 features:
1. Battery backpack. It charges a tool in your hand, if it can be recharged in bat-box. Stores 60 000 Eu and gives 3 protection;
2. Lazuri pack. Improved version of the battery backpack. Can charge tools requiring a charging of MFE and stores 300 000 Eu;
3. New power tools:
- Electro treetap.
- Electro hoe.
Capacity - 10 000 Eu, they spend 50 Eu for one action. Power hoe can plow mycelium unlike ordinary one;
4. Added a small powerplant. Used in the crafting of the elec-treetap & the elec-hoe;
5. Fixed the inability to charge the nano-sword, nano-armor and quantum armor;
6. Fixed crafting recipes of recycling machine and MFSU;
7. Fixed a bug with the saving waste cubes.

v1.03 features:

1. Support for MinecraftPE 1.0.2 (render addon);
2. Added quantum armor with all features (flying, running and jumping) controlled by using the buttons. Each armor item keeps 1 000 000 Eu. The full set gives invulnerability;
3. Added nano-saber. Energy storage - 100 000 Eu, attack damage - 20 hp, discharged when it is in hand;
4. Added bronze tools similar to iron ones, but they have lower strength (10%);
5. Added power tools (they do not break down but the spends power (30 000 Eu));
- Miners drill. It can extract the same blocks as the iron and pickaxe shovels. It has extraction speed likr a diamond pickaxe. Power consumption - 50 Eu;
- Diamond drill. This is improved version of the conventional drill: 2x faster and can extract obsidian. Power consumption - 80 Eu;
- Power saw is the analogue of the ax and is also a good weapon (damage - 9 hp). Power consumption - 50 Eu;
6. New crafting components: coil, electric motor and power unit;
7. Now you need composite ingots to craft the plates;
8. Added obtaining of lapis lazuli dust in the crusher and its use;
9. Minor fixes and improvements;
10. Added library of standard types of tools for ToolAPI.

v1.02 features:

1. Ores generation was fixed, reduced frequency of hevea;
2. Fixed some recipes, new hevea recipes;
3. Fixed the too frequent occurrence of latex stains and too rapid heating of the induction furnace.

v1.01 features:

1. Added the matter generator and matter itself.
2. Added the induction furnace which operates faster than the greater its heat. To heat the furnace needed redstone signal and 1 Eu/t.
3. Added wires addon, works on MCPE 0.15.10 only.
4. Added the nano-armor and bronze armor. When you create an nano-armor element from the energy-crystal the energy will not be lost.
5. Added lapothrone crystal that is created from the energy-crystal.
6. Added new materials (several items for each): composite, carbon and iridium. Iridium can only be created from matter, and in the next versions will be needed to create quantum armor.
7. A lot of recipes are changed and fixed for the new materials.
8. Fixed API.


IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0
IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0
IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0
IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0
IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0
IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0
IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0

Crafting recipes:







The remaining recipes are here - Industrial Tech mod for Industrial Craft PE.

How to install the IndustrialCraft PE mod:

1. You need to download and install the Core Engine (link);
2. After installing the Core Engine, copy a industrial-craft folder from the archive here - games / com.mojang / mods.
3. Install the ICRender.apk addon as an application.

Download IndustrialCraft PE v1.02 mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition [360.73 Kb]
Download IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.03 for Minecraft Pocket Edition [384.07 Kb]
Download IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.05 for Minecraft Pocket Edition [384.37 Kb]
Download IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.06 for Minecraft Pocket Edition [383.35 Kb]
Download IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.07 (PE 1.0.3) [420.95 Kb]
Download IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.08 [477.07 Kb]
Download IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09 [516.68 Kb]
Download IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.2 [516.94 Kb]
Download IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.3 [518.53 Kb]
Download IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.4 [803.65 Kb]


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