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Radiation Craft mod v1.1 for MCPE

Since that day, Minecraft has been transformed into the Stalker universe with radiation, weapons, medicines, monsters and many other features that are inherent in a nuclear catastrophe. The Radiation Craft mod is a special modification that has enough features that are not in other apocalyptic mods for Minecraft PE.

By: eeventio

Radiation Craft mod v1.1 for MCPE

For example, to craft a weapon you will need not only crafting table and resources. A weapons table and weapon components are the main components for crafting m16a4 or other rifles or pistols.

Radiation Craft mod v1.1 for MCPE

Radiation is everywhere therefore do not go outside without a protective suit. Where to build a house? It's unlikely that you will be able to live in an ordinary wooden house after a nuclear catastrophe, so your only way to live is an underground shelter with fortified walls.

Radiation Craft mod v1.1 for MCPE

Do not forget about the useful mechanisms that, incidentally, can work with the Industrial Craft mod, be sure to download it in addition to Radiation Craft. Moreover, IC2 has recently been updated so do not miss the opportunity to use new mining mechanisms.

How does the weapon table works?


New things:


Bronze ingot
Copper ingot
Tin ingot
Lead ingot
Alloy ingot
+ ores + blocks


Hevea with latex
Hevea leaves
Hevea planks

Fortified objects

Sturdy glass
Sturdy stone
Sturdy door


16 floppy disks for programming
Empty canned
Empty injector
Wooden crane


Nuclear bomb - only the detonator can set the countdown before the explosion
Fireman axe
Wooden and steel bats
Desert Eagle
+ ammo for each weapon

Weapon components (13)


Medical Pills
Experimental Pills
Unzombie ficator (UZF)
Canned vegetables
Canned fish
Canned meat

Protective clothes

Protective helmet
Protective chestplate
Protective leggings
Protective boots

New mobs

Fallen zombie
+ spawn eggs

Radiation Craft mod v1.1 for MCPE

Pills. What is it?

In Radiaton Craft there are three types of pills:

- Ordinary pill (when eaten completely restore your health)
- Experimental pill (gives all the positive effects with 5 level for 1 min)
- UZF (completely cure you of zombie disease)

Radiation Craft mod v1.1 for MCPE

Diseases. What is it?

There are three ways to get infected:

If a Zombie hits you;
If you eat rotten flesh;
If you are near a zombie (infection does not occur if you are more than five blocks away from zombies)

There are 5 stages of infection:

1 stage. The beginning of infection;
2 stage. Hunger, you will vomit (6 sec) if the stage of infection increases;
3 stage. Hunger and slowness
4 stage. Hunger, slowness 2 and miner's fatigue 3. (Zombies are neutral to you)
5 stage. Hunger, slowness 2 and miner's fatigue 3 (Zombies are neutral to you), sometimes you will make the zombie sounds.

P.S. UZF can save you from zombie disease. The time of disease progression to the next level is random (max 60 sec). There is also a surprise after death.

Canned food. What is it?

- Vegetable canned foods restore 2 units of hunger;
- Canned fish restores 4 units of hunger;
- Canned meat restores 6 units of hunger;

Radiation Craft mod v1.1 for MCPE
Radiation Craft mod v1.1 for MCPE

After eating one of these cans you will get an empty can in inventory.

Cables and wires. What is it?

Cable (gray) and wire (dark gray). The cable serves to transfer information from a computer. The wire is the transmitter of energy. The battery is located exactly in the middle. It accumulates energy and transfers it to a computer and a drive (stores 100,000 Eu).
Changelog v1.1:
All weapons can fire.
All items are fixed and now work.
Added energy!
Added atomic furnace (it should work consuming uranium).
Added mechanism body.
Added ceiling lamp.
Also some more changes and corrections.

Radiation Craft mod v1.1 for MCPE

Radiation Craft mod v1.1 for MCPE

Changelog v1.0.1.1:
Bug fixes.
The next version will receive new mobs (the most dangerous for GPI weapons).
New textures of uranium and lead glass.

Radiation Craft mod v1.1 for MCPE

Radiation Craft mod v1.1 for MCPE

What is planned?

A new type of radiation generation on the surface;
A geiger counter will be added (to measure the radiation on the surface);
Optimization of radiation;
Portable laboratory.

Radiation Craft mod v1.1 for MCPE

How to install the Radiation Craft mod?

1. Download and install Inner Core.
2. Open the downloaded file using IC.

Download Radiation Craft mod v1.0.1 for MCPE [306.81 Kb]
Download Radiation Craft mod v1.0.1.1 for MCPE [306.81 Kb]
Download Radiation Craft mod v1.1 for MCPE [4.69 Mb]


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hace un mod de dragones estaria muy bien

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